wx040407 发表于 2019-2-15 15:48:19

Why natural gas could be so strong to erode the stainless steel impeller

The impellers of one compressor were found heavy erosion during the inspection performed for rutine maintenance. The vanes were damaged most probably by erosion/corrosion just after 5 years service, and have to be repaired or replaced before the compressor will be installed again.
Could you imagine that the natural gas (the working media of the compressor) was so strong to hurt the stainless steel impreller?

magicmotor 发表于 2019-2-22 15:48:04

There is one possibility:
In most case, the element Chromium in the stainless steel could react with element Sulfur, especially in the high temperature.
Not sure the nature gas you used are filtered, but there do have Sulfur in most nature gas.
Probably that, in the high temperature environment, the Sulfur from the nature gas react with Chromium in the stainless steel, with the contribution from gas flow rush, corrosion on you compressor impeller happens.

shihuan211152 发表于 2019-2-21 11:57:47

This may caused by stress corrosion .

wx040407 发表于 2019-2-15 15:50:18

Pictures showing the impeller

守门员 发表于 2019-2-16 08:54:56

Every little beat helps

冷蓝色眼泪 发表于 2019-2-21 15:05:14

Maybe you shall buy the product with API certified in order to avoid such problem happen again:lol
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