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The black skin appears in induction hardening is undoubtedly oxide skin, so why does induction hardening appear oxide skin?I think there are two things you should pay attention to.
The first is not the induction heating time is too long and caused.
Second, if there is no problem with the process, then is the original surface of the workpiece itself not removed.
None of the above points are seriously affecting the quality of products.Oxide scale and impurities can be installed in a filtration system, filtered out.

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JG_Wen 发表于 2020-6-3 09:16:32

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the black layer should be oxide layer, it comes from the raw part skin or the cleaning/cooling fluid remained before hardening. but it shall be thin and hard, it's difficult to remove completely. you could add an inert gas shield to avoid the oxide skin.
Additionally, as per dealing with the skins in the quenching medium, to add a paper band filter.

by the way, please write Eng. or other language in this BBS channel. :)

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