LucySun 发表于 2020-8-7 14:04:58

Major difference for AMS 2750 E & F

Let's discuss the big change for AMS 2750 E & F

1. Periodic TUS requirements
    For E version the max. and min. temperature TUS is required once per calendar year but for version F, it is reuqired annually.

2. For concinous furnace periodic TUS
    For E version, no max. and min. transvers spped requirement, periodc TUS can be performed at any traverse speed is ok but for Version F A TUS shall be performed at the highest and lowest traverse speeds used during production at least annually.

Generally for TUS test, the requirements is more strict.

Any other big change?

Appreciated your sharing and discussion.

sswpyq594596 发表于 2021-2-8 16:13:59

how to sayI think SAT is key point ,TUS if use N type thermocouple , it is not accurate ,
and who to makeranking method for furnace

LucySun 发表于 2021-3-1 14:46:03

sswpyq594596 发表于 2021-2-8 16:13
how to sayI think SAT is key point ,TUS if use N type thermocouple , it is not accurate ,
and wh ...

Thanks for sharing your pinion.

We don't use Type N sensors but only J.

But I agree with you.

There is a big change for Alternate SAT, especially for the documentation requirements ofAlternate SAT result.

It seems much more records are needed to comply with the F version requirements.

Do you also have the Alternate SAT in your company?

LucySun 发表于 2021-3-1 14:53:42

Some other changes for the TUS requirements:
The time required to achieve TUS sensor temperature recovery, stabilization or a recurrent temperature pattern shall not have exceeded the time limit specified in the applicable material or process specification.
---Usually the technical documents only have the requriements for Soaking phase but no requirements for the time achived temperature recorvery?
What's your opinion for this new requirements?

LucySun 发表于 2021-4-1 13:30:53

3.5.14 TUS Pass/Fail Requirements The TUS soak period shall not have been less than the minimum required time.

For this new requirement about the soak period, can we explicited the requirement that the TUS soaking start time shall be at least equile or earlier than the Hea treatment equipment soaking start time?

Appriciated very much for your opinion in advance.

LucySun 发表于 2021-7-13 14:43:59

One big change for us is that the over-temperature instrument calibration is also needed according to AMS 2750F.

Previously we didn't perform the calibration for over-temperature instrument. Now we have to do some improvement for this.

混在西北 发表于 2021-11-2 13:30:21

one big change for TUS data collection F 3.5.10:
. is If the furnace or refrigeration equipment is pre-stabilized, data collection shall begin prior to the TUS sensors being inserted.
Was If the furnace is prestabilized, data collection shall begin as soon as the test load or rack is loaded in the furnace.
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