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Walking beam assemblies used to advance workpieces in a reheat furnace include upper and lower runs of coolant pipes spaced and joined together by web plates to extend along each of the opposite lateral sides of a body of refractory that contacts the workpieces. The web plates support clip members that have a bent mid-portion to wrap around the upper run of the coolant pipe. A leg section of each clip member extends along the side of the refractory material to an elevation spaced below the workpiece-engaging face of the refractory. Support members including gusset plates are carried by the refractory support member to engage the lower run of the coolant pipe and extend along the web plates for support.
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我设计与制造过多台小型步进炉, 因未找到步进水管梁的资料,只部分翻译,有不对之处请更正补充为盼            
Web plate: 工字钢框梁 / 腹板梁
A steel platethat forms the web of a beam ,girler,web plate of I-beam or a vertical plate connecting the upper and lower flanges...

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