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Two important AGMA standards

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I search for 3 impAGMA standards:

AGMA 923--B05 Metallurgical Specifications forSteel Gearing

AGMA 926--C99 Recommended Practice forCarburized Aerospace Gearing

ANSI/AGMA 2004--C08 Gear Materials, Heat Treatment and Processing Manual

Until this morning i only find 2 standards from the Internet search engine.

I want to know if you could share AGMA 926--C99.

PS: thank you for u share, my e-mail:

flytom 发表于 2010-6-10 19:11:59

thank u for u share!

i can not help anything!

dec.liu 发表于 2010-10-29 15:36:06

Good datum! I can share the similar standard ISO 6336 Calculation of load capacity of spur and
helical gears. Another topic will be used for sharing the standard.

lizh020092 发表于 2011-5-18 11:00:38

Thank you very much!

kp007 发表于 2012-4-5 23:37:56


jysh81 发表于 2012-4-6 09:15:13

i see now,i share now

zhengcj 发表于 2012-4-6 09:35:38

You can find the AGMA 926-C99 standard from the above link address.
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