heatingsun 发表于 2011-5-4 10:52:59

Do you guys still learn English everyday ?

same as heading ,and who knows how to improve it

243576617 发表于 2011-5-4 11:55:20

always ----seldom-----never:funk:

heatingsun 发表于 2011-5-4 12:32:28

回复 2# 243576617

    same as you, and now i try

archmage 发表于 2011-5-4 20:05:19


hexing_sky 发表于 2011-5-6 16:06:29

I like to watch English movie and TV player,you'd better make foreign friends to exercise.
by the way, I also like the Richard Feynman

hooloo 发表于 2011-5-6 16:19:41

I usedto watch English movie and TV player ,just so-so.

wtm42490880 发表于 2011-5-6 16:54:40

never,I gived it to my teacher back

heatingsun 发表于 2011-5-7 09:18:31

回复 8# wtm42490880

    and the teacher reject

heatingsun 发表于 2011-5-7 09:19:46

回复 7# hooloo

    friendsand lie to me

heatingsun 发表于 2011-5-7 09:20:50

回复 6# hexing_sky

    i am glad to meet you

heatingsun 发表于 2011-5-7 09:22:35

回复 5# chenze2008

    which countrywere you gone?

hooloo 发表于 2011-5-7 09:26:10

回复 10# heatingsun

i don't know what you are talking about.can you give a simple explanation?

fengwenjing 发表于 2011-7-11 18:43:05

I always taking in English with my workmate every morning to practicemy speaking English.

碎梦閣主 发表于 2011-7-12 08:40:30

回复 9# heatingsun

In a middle school, we learn English mainly for entrance examination for college, while the purpose of learning English at a college is quite different

Rcl110217 发表于 2011-7-12 10:11:57

never,I gived it to my teacher back
wtm42490880 发表于 2011-5-6 16:54 http://www.rclbbs.com/images/common/back.gif

    ”gived“huh,apparently you do have given it back:loveliness:

落水残阳 发表于 2011-7-24 15:17:42

yep,as said upside,gived, speaking English, talk Germany……
I think it helpful to watch the videoes by Liuyinan,and to read English articles

zhaoyun123 发表于 2011-7-25 20:32:25

The persons at thefactory I work at don't speak english ,so hereis no person I cantalk with in english. andnowpatheticallyIfind thatIhave thrown the english into thewindalready .:L:)

xyz123zhao 发表于 2011-11-11 11:52:00

when thinking it useful,i read the dictionary

wly_1219 发表于 2011-11-15 08:23:28

I am reading the catena every day! I like the comedy FRIENDS-a famous and popular playet in America.

一条路 发表于 2011-11-16 09:11:17

Because of too busy ,Iam no time to study english before ,but now my work is not too busy ,so i think to learn english every day,
I hope i can insist to learn english and improve it.
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