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Analysis of Shim Stock

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Analysis of Shim Stock
Thin-gage shim stock can be used effectively to determine the carbon potential
Of an atmosphere. The success of this method is due to the rapid through
carburizing of the thin test strip,which eliminates carbon diffusion as a variable in the atmosphere evaluation .The accuracy of this test is adequate for application to carbon control of commercial carburizing, cabon restoration and carbonitriding.
In practice, a strip of annealed 1008 or 1010 steel, about 10 to 30 mm wide,75 to 160 mm long, and 0.10 to 0.25 mm thick is cleaned in solvent and weighted before and after exposure to the furnace atmosphere. The gain in weight as determined on an analytical balance is used to calculate the carbon of the atmosphere…

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Good translation,usefulfor heat treat engineer
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