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few days ago, i got an article about ' what is good heat treating' and try to translate it into chinese.
now, i'll share it with you all and any suggestion, comment or critical about this translations are welcoem.

What is Good Heat Treating?   什么是好的热处理?
by Daniel H. Herring
January 8, 2009

A Look Ahead…

I believe we can all agree that heat treating should strive to produce the best product quality possible. But just how do we go about doing this, in other words, how does one define “good” heat treating? Let’s learn more.

First, it is important to realize that there are many types of heat treatments and that each may require a different characterization of “good.” Quality heat treating could refer (in no particular order) to:  

•        Technique – Be a master of what you do, use existing methods wisely and develop new tools to accomplish the task at hand faster, easier and more efficiently.  
•        技术---成为这方面的专家,合理使用现有的方法及改进的新工具去更快,更简单和更有效率的完成任务。
•        Insight – Strive to achieve a major process or product breakthrough, conceptualize and simplify, understand the underlying principle, technique or approach.  
•        见识--- 努力使主要的工艺或产品有一个突破,概念清晰,简洁,明了基本的原理,技术和途径。
•        Theory – Use a systematic scientific approach to unify and generalize the existing knowledge in our field and to speculate on new ideas or innovations.  
•        理论--- 利用系统科学探究,普及现有知识,思考新观念或创新。
•        Problem solving – Understand root cause and strive to achieve a major breakthrough on an important problem facing the industry.  
•        解决问题--- 掌握根源,努力使当今行业面临的难题有一个重大突破。
•        Discovery – Find the relevance of an unexpected and intriguing new heat-treat phenomenon, connection or method.  
•        发现--- 找出非预期的并引起新热处理现象的因素,联系或方法的相关性。
•        Taste – Keep heat treating interesting and vibrant while dealing with the mundane. Always be aware of the bigger picture, the important topics, questions and solutions.
•        体会--- 平凡的工作中保持对热处理的兴趣和活力。经常想起重要画面,重大话题,想起问题和方法。  
•        Application – Extend the relevance of our science to other fields to further their advancement.  
•        应用--- 扩展本学科相关的知识到其他领域以图推进其发展。
•        Exposition – Promote a detailed and informative understanding of a relevant heat-treating method or approach.  
•        展示--- 通过详细信息促使人们明白相关热处理的方法或途径。
•        Pedagogy – Write and teach so as to enable others to learn and do heat treating more effectively, contribute to good heat-treatment education.  
•        教学--- 通过写和教使他人可以学到并且能够更有效的从事热处理,为好的热处理教育作一些贡献。
•        Vision – Be aware of the long-term implications of what is being done today and think “out of the box” whenever possible.  
•        愿景--- 把今天我要做什么作为长期意识并且尽可能“打破常规”来考虑。
•        Public relations – Be an ambassador for who we are and what we do. Showcase our successes, address the challenges that face the industry and emphasize the rewards of what we do.
•        大众关系--- 作为我们是谁和我们可以做什么的代表。展示我们的成功,阐述工业中面对的挑战,强调我们所作对工业的回报。
Next, we must understand that it is extremely important to share our knowledge throughout the industry and to embrace the following criteria for heat-treating excellence (again, in no particular order):  
•        Rigor – In everything we do, be correct with all the details, think the process through, understand the consequences and be complete.  
•        严密--- 我们做每一件事都应该,修正所有的细节,通盘考虑加工过程,了解结果并使之完成。
•        Beauty – Never stop being amazed with what we can accomplish, and never fail to take on the difficult challenges so as to advance our science.  
•        完美--- 从不停止对我们所作感到惊叹,不惧所面对的困难挑战以期对我们的学科有所提高。
•        Usefulness – Be sure that what we do today will allow the next generation of heat treaters to work smarter, faster and be more accurate.  
•        有效性--- 确保我们今天所作的工作会使下一代的热处理人工作起来更聪明,更快,更加准确。
•        Creativity – Do not back away from radically new or original ideas, never stop questioning the status quo.  
•        创造性--- 不要从全新的或独创的想法中退却,从不停止对现状的挑战。
•        Strength – Offer solutions based on a sound understanding of both scientific principles and solid practical experience.  
•        实力--- 基于对科学原理的理解和扎实的实践经验提出解决方案。
•        Elegance – Strive to achieve difficult results with a minimum of effort.
•        优雅--- 用最小的代价取得较大的结果。
•        Growth – Grow intentionally and avoid haphazard growth not rooted in sound thinking.  
•        增长--- 合理有意识的增长,避免基于不合理想法的偶然性增长。
•        Profitability – Make a profit so as to fuel continued growth.  
•        收益--- 利润可以提供持续的增长。
•        Cost – Control and contain cost wherever possible without being so constrictive that R&D programs or investments in new technology or equipment limit growth.  
•        费用--- 控制和维持成本不应特别压缩研发程序,在新技术上的投资或因设备而局限了增长。
•        Savings – Do the easy things quickly and efficiently, and tackle the hard things in such a way as to minimize rework. Be sure that savings are real and quantifiable.  
•        节约--- 高效快捷做好容易的事,解决困难事情采用尽量减少重做这样一种方式。明白节约是真实的和可衡量的。
•        Conservationism – Be good stewards of those things that really matter, such as energy and the environment, to keeping our industry strong.  
•        节能主义--- 对于这些事情作为好的管理者实在是很重要,比如能源和环境,保持我们的工业强盛。
•        Cherishment – Passing on our heritage, our history and our practices to the next generation of heat treaters.
•        珍爱--- 传承我们的遗产,我们的历史及我们的实践给下一代热处理人。
The diversity and multifaceted nature of heat treating is very healthy for the manufacturing community as a whole, as it allows us to pursue many different solutions to the challenges we face and exploit many different ways in which to accomplish a given task – along with encouraging different types of heat-treating talent – from the common sense shop-floor heat-treat operator to the academic. Our individuality is a desirable trait, but we must be aware that it can become detrimental to pursue only one or two of our quality goals at the expense of the others. What we must be careful to avoid is:  

•        Heat treating that becomes increasingly ornate and baroque, in which individual results are generalized and refined for their own sake and not the common good. In other words, the industry drifts aimlessly without a definitive direction or sense of progress.  
•        热处理变的华而不实,独立结果的提出是从自己的利益出发而不是从公众利益考虑。换句话说,行业无目的的随波逐流,没有明确的方向和前瞻性。
•        Heat treating that becomes filled with “rules of thumb” and methods or beliefs without rigor, documentation or an understanding of the scientific principles on which they are founded.  
•        热处理变成充斥着“经验法则”和不严谨的方法或信念,这些文件或理解应建立在科学基础上。

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 楼主| 发表于 2009-5-16 10:41:33 | 显示全部楼层
•        Heat treating that consists of ad hoc methods (in other words, for self-centered purposes) to solve a problem or collection of problems that have no unifying theme, connections or purpose.  
•        热处理包含特殊方法(换句话说,以个人为中心的目的)去收集和解决问题,这不需要统一的主题,联系或目的。
•        Heat treating that becomes stagnant and overly theoretical or overly practical, continually recasting and unifying previous results in increasingly technical or formal frameworks but not generating any exciting new breakthroughs as a consequence.  
•        热处理停滞不前,过于理论或过于实际,在持续提高的技术或以前的框架下不断重做或重现以前的结果但是并没有任何突破性的结果。
•        Heat treating that reverses or rejects methods or accomplishments just because they were “not invented here or now” and continually presents shorter, simpler or more elegant ideas and explanations of results but does not generate any truly original ideas and new results beyond what is already known.
•        仅因为“不是这里或现在发明的”就再做一些事情来证明其是相反的,被抛弃的方法或者是可以达到的,并且不断的提出更短,更简单或更美丽的想法和对这一结果的解释,但这样做并没有提出原创观点,也没有得到基于我们已经了解的知识以外的新结果。
In each of the scenarios above, the fear is that heat treating will exhibit a flurry of activity and only progress in the short term. The risk of a decline of relevance, a failure of competitiveness or a failure to attract younger engineers to the industry in the longer term is unfounded. Fortunately, it is a hard field to stagnate in, given that we are constantly being challenged and reinvigorated by our connection to the rest of science and to the manufacturing community as a whole. This self-correcting mechanism helps to keep heat treating and metallurgy balanced, unified, productive and vibrant.

Be the Best of the Best

The very best examples of sound heat-treating practices do not merely fulfill one or two of the criteria for heat-treating excellence given at the beginning of this article, but are more importantly part of a greater story, which then unfurls to generate many further examples of good heat-treating practice in vastly diverse areas. Indeed, from a historical context, the evolution of our craft through time and the interactions of heat treaters with the entire manufacturing, academic and engineering community ensures success. Good heat treatment is not merely measured by one or more of the “local” qualities listed previously (though these are certainly important and worth pursuing and debating), but also must be considered in the grand or “global” scheme of things. How does good heat treating fit into the bigger picture, either by building upon earlier achievements or encouraging the development of future breakthroughs?

One Man’s Opinion

It seems to me that the pursuit of intangible promises of some far-distant future is at least as important as any aspect of heat treating in the here and now. As we continue to strive unabated toward the more concrete and obvious aspects of heat-treat quality listed above, we must not sacrifice our vision of what lies ahead. Thus, I believe that good heat treatment is more than simply a matter of running a particular process or solving the immediate problem before us. It is about continuing to build theories, mentoring the next generation and educating those who are here now and those who are soon to come while making arguments for improvements in materials, controls, equipment, methodology and the like. Achieving all of these tasks and debating which ones should have higher priority or are more deserving of funding should occupy an inordinate amount of our mental energies. We should always be aware of a possibly larger context into which one’s results could be applied.

Lastly, remember to communicate – from the shop floor to the halls of academia. Jealously guarded secrets and hidden knowledge are counterproductive and limit our ability to achieve the “critical velocity” necessary for the heat-treating industry to remain competitive in a global economy. We must always remember to offer our customers the best and most cost-effective technology but never forget that although necessity is what has driven them to us, it is our performance, our vision and our science that will keep them coming back. I still “see” a furnace without walls and a heat-treating process taking place before my very eyes employing intelligent sensors, allowing us to make real-time decisions that will produce the perfect part. Until that time, “good” heat treating is what we need. IH
最后,记住沟通--- 从生产车间到高等学府。因为嫉妒而守候秘密和隐藏知识会阻碍生产并限制我们达到“临界速度”的能力而这也正是热处理要在全球经济中保持竞争力所必需的。我们要时刻记住为客户提供最好最有效的技术,不要忘记虽然是需求使他们来到我们身边,但这正是因为我们的表现,我们的愿景和我们的技术才使得他们这样做。我还“看到”一个没有墙的炉子,一段热处理工艺发生在眼前布满智能感应器并允许你作出实时决策以生产出完美的零件。直到那时,“好的”热处理才是我们所需要的。

Daniel H. Herring
Dan Herring is president of THE HERRING GROUP Inc., which specializes in consulting services (heat treatment and metallurgy) and technical services (industrial education/training and process/equipment assistance. He is also a research associate professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology/Thermal Processing Technology Center.

1. Tao, Terrence, What is Good Mathematics?, Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, Vol. 44, No. 4, October 2007, pp. 623–633.
2. Herring, D. H., “Where Have All the Heat Treater’s Gone?” Heat Treating Progress, January/February 2003.
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4. Lohrmann, M. and Herring, D. H., “Heat Treating Challenges in the 21st Century,” Heat Treating Progress, June/July 2001.

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tong   your English is excellent ! I need to learn from you.By the way , where do you make a living?Which company employ such a good worker?


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The translation is quite great!!!


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Great, we should catch what good heat treatment is and then know how to judge them. at the same time, we have to become collect these data and then make yourself know these well.

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,It is a good translation!


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may i ask you a question ,where did you find this article?

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thank you very much. the website you introduced is interesting. thanks again
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